The Seeds of a Woman’s Movement

The following is not an official record but simply my personal account of going to an organizing meeting. This is meant to be like a journal entry of my observations, thoughts and feelings.
Yesterday evening I felt empowered by meeting with a group of more than 20 women, men, and people of diverse identities/backgrounds. We met at the Boston Common near the Parkman Bandstand to discuss last year’s Slut Walk event, both the positives and negatives of this movement.  We talked about the problems with the messaging and name of SlutWalk, the difficulty many women face in attempting to use/reclaim the word slut.  We all brought different perspectives to the table, from those who said using the word slut represented a way to unite women who are labeled and shamed, to those who said they did not want to reclaim the word slut at all, with many other perspectives in between. The overall attitude, however, was that, in order to move forward, to build a broader based, culturally conscious women’s movement, we need to get rid of the naming/branding as Slutwalk. So we agreed to not be called this name as a movement any longer.  Further meetings will be necessary to determine what the movement name and mission will become.
When I was at the Socialism 2012 conference in Chicago, I was talking to a comrade about the New War on Women talk by Sam Jordan, and I happened to mention, “The Woman’s Movement.” My comrade immediately asked, “What Woman’s Movement?” And I responded, “Exactly.” It was one of those moments when I stood outside myself, listening to this quick interaction, realizing how I wanted there to be a woman’s movement that I could call, The Woman’s Movement. I don’t mean that I want to have only one movement, but I would like the honor of knowing that The Woman’s Movement could signify something that’s happening now in the same way that the Occupy Movement has signified on-the-ground struggles and protests all over the world.
What happened last night, how we were able to come together as a provisional group to discuss last year’s SlutWalk as but a seed of something that could grow beyond its initial roots, made me feel that something was stirring, that I wasn’t just alone in my head with hopes and dreams, that some things you want to happen can really happen. I haven’t felt that way since the first night of Occupy Boston at Dewey Square turned out thousands of people for the GA.

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