The Dead Babies that inhabit the Marriage Equality Narrative have feelings too!


Let me get this straight (no pun intended). While the Supreme Court decides whether or not marriage is only between a man and a woman as well as whether or not to extend federal marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples, congress quietly passed bills to cut funding from social security AND to prevent us from halting the use of genetically modified seeds should a health crisis arise.  Meanwhile, my eyes have seen so many red equal signs on Facebook, I am beginning to have blue dots floating around in my vision. Never mind that the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has honored Goldman Sachs with a “Workplace Equality Award,” even though it’s the same investment banking firm that wrecked the economy in the first place. Never mind any of that… my unalienable gay rights are about to be delivered!

You mean when the food that I consume is poisoned and making me sick every day I still have the right to use my body to share my queer love? Because I have a universal body that never gets sick and would never be diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory illness directly caused by the overuse of GMOs and the ignorance about nutrition that is paid and delivered to you by the food industrial complex’s lobby. That’s right kiddies, drink some more milk because it doesn’t deplete calcium from your bones. Wear a rabbit’s foot around your neck while you’re at it!

You mean my generation that has been robbed of affordable education, fair health care “benefits,” and a living wage… now our unalienable gay rights are arriving stamped with the promise that you too can gain inheritance rights for the fortune of debt that has so tantalized my desire to Anna Nicole you?

Because there is nothing classist or ableist about the marriage equality narrative. There isn’t an abused and neglected child inside of me that was damaged by marriage’s perpetuation of privatized childcare (a.k.a. latchkey/video gaming/dissociative generation). There isn’t any part of me that wants to see the end of unequal power dynamics between my partner and I. Let one of us have all the economic clout and the other one do the house hold chores. Let’s mix in reproduction on top of that inequality and do some unwanted pregnancy violence upon my chronically ill body to see how much longer I can live with the expectation of a universal body before I start repeating, f*@k you…
Now seriously folks, I try to be nurturing.  When my little sister (from the Big Brother Big Sister program) and I were out with her god sister, I learned that her god sister had to duck beside a police car to avoid being hit by bullets just outside her school. Daily, kids make fun of her and call her “pregnant” even though she is only 11-years-old. The guidance counselors are involved in her case and trying to help her, but do you think that not being able to marry is a violence wholly separate from the bullets that managed to escape this child’s body? Do you think that not being able to marry is also separate from the Iraqi child that was born with a twisted mess of legs and feet heaping out of her abdomen because she had been poisoned by the depleted uranium contained in US weapons? Do you think that your right to marry is about to be delivered to you without its head severed, its limbs crushed, its heart swallowed?

I would never vote against marriage equality, but I wish that the political spectrum under consideration actually included our existence as the queer, disabled, broke, radicalized and pissed off people that we are. I am sick of activists who give up on reforms and say that all authority is bad authority because that belief marginalizes my voice too, and I am sick of activists preaching that marriage equality is such a working class issue without regard to the classist, ableist norms that it supports.


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  1. Hey, April, glad I came across this blog!

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